Project Description

Xronos (from greek Χρόνος [kronos] which means Time) Clock is not your average Alarm clock.  It’s open source, hackable and customizable device.  It has a stylish look, hand made, and it Talks! Heck it will even tell you temperature inside your room or from a remote sensor * !
Xronos has internal backup battery that will allow it to keep time if you forgot to plug in … if it’s just for an hour or … for a year or two!  All settings are saved to flash memory (EEPROM), so you don’t have to worry about power loss. All your alarm settings and preference will be there when power comes back on!
Since all audio files are kept on SD card inside, you can even change alarm tones, or replace voice prompts with your own**

Xronos has 3 cool looking durable arcade buttons that give you simple access to all of it’s features.