An in depth review of my spinners!


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New product: EDC Spinner Fidget Toy

Do you ever find yourself fidgeting with some random object on your desk?  Rolling a coin or a pencil? Clicking pen?  Shuffling post-it notes?  I personally spin and glide my iPhone on the desk (“air hokey” style) when I’m in a particular boring meeting at work…

Believe it or not there were some studies done that showed benefits of “fidgeting” such as better concentration on tasks and even some physical health benefits!

Well new craze is in town and it’s called EDC (Every Day Carry) Spinners.  They are low tech devices that have a skate bearing (usually 608 type) in the middle and several more on the outer edges.  Those outer bearings are just for weight and looks and I’ve seen others use metal balls or other weights instead.  Some of these fidget toys have 3 arms (4 bearings), some have two and some have more.  They are most commonly 3D printed, but some are milled from metal and wood.


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Geiger counter experiment with 1B22 tube

Recently I bought an awesome Geiger Counter on ebay: restored Ludlum Model 3 with 44-9 pancake probe.  I had fun with it testing around the house but didn’t see anything spectacular.   I had a piece of “uraninite” ore I got from eBay a while ago and it sure can detecte elevated radiation levels coming from it.

Few days ago however I stumbled upon a video that was talking about an old vacuum tube 1B22. Apparently it contains Radium 226 and it’s among strongest legal radiation sources you can find. To my surprise I had no problem locating it online and it only cost $15 plus shipping. So I ordered one and it just arrived in the mail. Keep reading, pictures are after the break! 🙂


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