Geiger counter experiment with 1B22 tube

Recently I bought an awesome Geiger Counter on ebay: restored Ludlum Model 3 with 44-9 pancake probe.  I had fun with it testing around the house but didn’t see anything spectacular.   I had a piece of “uraninite” ore I got from eBay a while ago and it sure can detecte elevated radiation levels coming from it.

Few days ago however I stumbled upon a video that was talking about an old vacuum tube 1B22. Apparently it contains Radium 226 and it’s among strongest legal radiation sources you can find. To my surprise I had no problem locating it online and it only cost $15 plus shipping. So I ordered one and it just arrived in the mail. Keep reading, pictures are after the break! 🙂


September 12th, 2013|gadgets|0 Comments