3D Printing with support

I have a Prusa i3 Rework 3D printer. Had it for a while, and still learning how to use it. Recently I learned about printing with “support”, so I wanted to share this information.

Almost any shape object can be 3d printed, however there are still plenty situation which will test limits of your printer. For example if you try to print something like this.


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How to level Laser Cutter’s Z-table

Today I’ll show you how to level Z-table if you have a laser cutter similar to SH-G350, a.k.a. 50Watt eBay laser machine.

My machine came with a z-table that can be raised or lowered manually by rotating a handle. While trying to cut a 1/4″ piece of plywood I noticed that distance from laser head is greater toward the front of the machine. This causes incomplete cuts on that area.  Here’s how to fix it.


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DIY Pin Table for laser cutter

If you just doing laser engraving, you don’t really need to worry much about supporting your objects, however when you cutting them, it’s another story. Laser beam slices thru material and continues to whatever lies beneath. If it’s just plain metal table it will reflect back scoring or melting your object from underneath. This is […]

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LaserOrigami: a creative way make 3D object with laser cutter

I think it’s about time I introduced new category.  “Around the Web” that is, where I’ll post cool things I find online, like this LaserOrigami article.

We all know that laser cutter can be used to cut and engrave objects. But did you know you can also bend acrylic with it?  I didn’t until I saw this […]

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Laser machine demo (video)

Here’s a super quick 30 second demo of my laser machine doing some laser engraving.

I’ve been doing some test cuts and engravings for the past few days. I thought I finished my fume extractor, but it actually doesn’t filter out acrylic smell much, which is a major disappointment 🙁 But on the other hand, laser […]

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