Bricked SMD ATMega328 resurrection tutorial


cause (a smartphone or other electronic device) to become completely unable to function, typically on a permanent basis.
“installing an unofficial OS voids the warranty and may brick the phone”

Lately I’ve been working on a custom “arduino clone” board that uses SMD version of ATMega328p microprocessor.  This is what it looks like, magnified.



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3D printed Miter Saw to vacuum hose adapter

Recently I upgraded my Ryobi 10″ compound miter saw to a Dewalt DW17 (Type 3) 12″ saw. As I don’t have dust management system in my garage, I always hooked up my Craftsman 6HP shop vac directly to saw’s exhaust. Shop Vac’s hose is 2″ ID so it fit nicely my Ryobi miter saw (it […]

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DIY Fume Extractor for laser cutter

If you have a laser cutter/engraver machine, you know how import it is to get rid of the toxic and stinky fumes it creates, especially if you are cutting and engraving plastics.

There are generally two options for getting rid of fumes. Either vent them outside, or use some kind of filtration system or both. Since my laser cutter is located in the basement and I currently have no simple way of getting ventilation to outside I knew I needed a recirculating fume extractor.   Device like that will intake all the fumes, filter them out and blow out clean air, all of it staying in the room.

One problem in getting one is the cost. These filters costs sometimes as much as laser cutter itself, sometimes even more.  And then you have to buy specific or propitiatory filters which also not cheap as well.

That’s why I chose to build my DIY extractor. There were about 3 designs I could find online, and the best one in my option was from this Instructable.  So that’s what I eventually build.  You might ask what am I writing about here?   Well original article was great, yet I found it lacked some details. My goal in this post is to document and explain my build, as well as provide missing pieces, basically a build log.  I’ll have more pictures and videos, so between this post and original instructable it should be easier to figure out how to build one 🙂


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Laser engraving slate

I got my laser machine primary for cutting, but lately I’ve been getting hooked on engraving as well. Mostly I’m fascinated by engraving on stone, such as slate. I see a lot of people making fun things like drink coasters and cheese cutting boards.

It wasn’t easy obtaining slate stone here in US. Online it’s very […]

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