New product: DS1307 to DS3131 RTC adapter kit

I previously wrote about Time Chip upgrade I crated for Xronos Clock 2.x

After extensive testing I’m happy to report that it works flawlessly!   Kit is now available in my online shop.

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How To: Upgrade 50W Chinese laser cutter to 60W

It’s been almost a month since i upgraded my SH-G350 laser cutter to 60Watts of cutting power.  Here’s at last a comprehensive How To guide for all you DIYers out there.


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Real Time Clock Chip upgrade/hack

My Xronos Clock has been using DS1307 time chip from very beginning. It’s an OK chip, and it’s biggest advantage is that it comes in DIP package to easy soldering which is great for DIY kit.

However it’s not the best and most accurate RTC chip.  It can loose or gain few seconds per day, which can turns into a minute or two in a month.  There’s a much better chip out there called DS3231. It’s super accurate and stable under wide temperature range and has built in Oscillator, while DS1307 needs a separate one soldered to the PCB.

It has only two drawbacks. Chip comes in only SMD (not thru the hole) packages and it costs a little more thatn DS1307.

I’ve been thinking how to replace DS1307 with DS3231 on existing clocks and found relatively simple solution. Solution is small adapter PCB which has DS3131 chip soldered to it and it plugs into space meant for DS1307 IC.


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DIY “Stud Table” for laser cutter for under $8

DIY pin table that I made a while back seemed great at first, but then I realized that not all rivets have same height. I only measured few from first box, and they looked to be same height, so I didn’t check others.  I didn’t really notice this until recently and got a bit upset.

So meet DIY […]

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How to add ammeter to 50W Chinese laser cutter from eBay

Ammeter add-on was on my to do list for a long time. It’s important to know what current is flowing thru your CO2 tube so you don’t shorten it’s life. Ammeter measures current and in case of this SH-G350 machine you’ll want ammeter rated in the 0-30 or 0-50mA range because most CO2 laser tubes run under currents under 25mA.


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60W laser upgrade

It’s no secret that my SH-G350 laser machine, a.k.a. 50W eBay laser cutter, is not really a 50W.

Yup, it’s one of the biggest scam on the eBay.  What you get is actually a machine with 35-40W watt 800mm long CO2 tube, that’s being overridden with higher current to work like 50W.


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Cu laser mirror

Back in February I wrote a post about mirrors used in CO2 laser machines.  Here’s a little update.


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DIY Lighted Marquee Sign for Halloween

For this year I decided to do a Circus themed Halloween party.  One of the major props for the part was supposed to be a large lighted “Circus” marquee sign (also called dimensional lettering).

There are more than few tutorials on how to make such sign, most of them involve using some kind of thin sheet […]

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First prototype of my micro 32×16 LED Display board is alive!

Today I feel like I won the lottery. My first prototype of the 32×16 LED board is fully assembled and working!


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LED MiniBoard prototype

Recently I started working on a custom LED Matrix displays and I’m very excited that LED Matrices for new displays finally arrived last night!

I knew they will be small, but actually seeing them in front of my eyes still shocked me a little on how small they are!   You can almost fit 4 of these in place of regular 8×8 matrix block!


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