Night Lights

Custom engraved acrylic edge lit LED nightlights, not only look great but also have light sensor that will dim it or turn off completely depending on room light conditions. Offered in variety of colors, shapes and custom engraved messages and images.

Laser Engraved Wood

Customized or generic but still very unique pieces are engraved and cut out of various plywood and hardwood species.  We make coasters, wedding centerpieces and charms, and a very unique wooden greeting cards!

Laser Engraved Slate

These unique up-cycled slate coasters are hand made out of reclaimed roof slate that was salvaged off a very old house in Westchester, NY.

Made out of durable natural slate stone, these can be used inside or outside and unique look of the slate engraved with fun pattern will sure to draw everyone’s attention.

Coasters are cut […]